Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taco Pizza

By Jamison Nesta, Children's Ministry & Connections Pastor

I heard someone say recently that he believes there will be pizza in heaven. This man was a missionary to Latin America who also shared that while touring churches in the US to raise support, he was often served tacos. People must have believed that tacos would more "align to his ministry calling". He tired of tacos. He desired more pizza.

Later that same evening I encountered something truly amazing: taco pizza. I'm not sure if you've ever tasted this blended cuisine, but it's an interesting marriage of two vastly different foods. Maybe it was the late hour or the potentially day-long wait my pizza endured before I selected it from its display, but this taco pizza was less than wonderful. I found myself desiring pizza the way it's supposed to be.

Certainly this isn't a commentary on bizarre food combinations. Eat what you like. But this taco pizza got me thinking. In the mind of the missionary, taco pizza was like experiencing the best of heaven and the worst of earth at the same time. Who would choose this option? Once we've tasted even a small bite of what God has offered, why would we attempt to make it better by adding our own dirt to it?

Jesus promises peace, hope, uncondtional love and unfathomable forgiveness. How can we add to that and think we can make it better? Let's rest in the true promise of God and understand that it's His strength, comfort, mercy and grace that gives us remarkable life, not our stress, worry, judgement and selfishess.

How are you trying to unnecessarily add to God's perfect gifts.

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